Double blind. Zero bias.


DBcaps® capsules were developed with a tamper-evident design to specifically address the clinical trial challenges of testing without bias. DBcaps® capsules are available in 8 sizes and both gelatin and HPMC. 

The wider diameter of opaque DBcaps® capsules allows containment and blinding of large-diameter or uniquely-shaped tablets or other comparator products, while their shorter length makes them easier to swallow.




DBcaps® Capsule Advantages

  • Tamper-evident design helps prevents bias
  • No need to split or grind tablets
  • Bioequivalency testing may be reduced or eliminated
  • Five standard globally accepted colors to ease regulatory acceptance 


DBcaps® Capsules Sample Case


Complete the form to request your DBcaps® capsules sample case filled with 8 different sizes and multiple colors of capsules to help you find the right size for you clinical trial study. *Certain restrictions may apply. 

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